Dephosphorization copper pipe connection
Before the dephosphorization copper pipe is straightened, the straightening should be done before the tube is filled with sand and then straightened with a straightener; during the straightening process, the force should not be too large, and the surface of the tube should not be hammered, pitted, scratched or rough. Mark of. The design logistics should clean up the residual sand in the pipe. Apply an appropriate amount of flux as needed, evenly on the copper pipe joint socket and the copper pipe into the joint. After being preheated by the welded part, a proper amount of flux (solder powder) is uniformly applied to the gap with a heated solder. When the temperature reaches 650-750 ° C, the solder is fed, and the flame cannot directly heat the solder. Under the action of capillary and moistening, the molten liquid solder can be infiltrated into the slit, and the heating is stopped when the solder is completely melted, and heating is continued. The brazing material will continuously penetrate into the inside, and it is not easy to form a full soldering angle. Avoid the inverted welding when the copper pipe is installed. If necessary, the torch flame should be heated to the upper part of the head. To avoid the solder snagging, the asbestos rope can be wrapped around the weldment to block the flow. After the welding is finished, the joint is cooled and wiped with a damp cloth to stabilize the welded portion while removing the slag from the brazing.
Copper tube installation – copper tube bracket fabrication and installation
When the copper pipe is installed, the pipe clamp or hanger shall be set according to different pipe diameters and requirements. The position is required to be accurate and buried. The pipe clamp should be in close contact with the copper pipe, but the copper pipe surface should not be damaged. The copper tube is made of metal copper tube bracket, and the metal pad should be lined between the copper tube and the bracket.

Copper Capillary Tube with Nuts

Copper Capillary Tube with Nuts

Refrigeration Copper Capillary Tube,Customized Shape Air Conditioning Copper Capillary Tube,Flexible Copper Pipes Copper Capillary Tube with Nuts Type:Capillary Tube Application:Air Condition Or Refrigerator Specification: OD:2mm~20mm Outer Diameter:1/4″-7/8″ Grade: C11000 C10200 C12000 C12200 Thickness: 0.1mm ~300mm Length:Customers’ Requirement Cu (Min):99.99% Alloy Or Not:Non-alloy Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa):205 Elongation (≥ %):40% Wall Thickness:0.90 – 2.50 Outside Diameter:1.0-5.0mm […]


Copper Water Tube

ASTM H62 Copper Water Tube

C12200 Round Copper Tube Copper Pipe,Round Copper Tube,Customized Shape Air Conditioning Copper  Tube Description of Copper Water Tube Type:Straight Copper Pipe Application:Water Tube Specification: OD: 2mm~914mm Outer Diameter: 4mm ~200mm Grade: H62 Thickness: 0.41mm ~ 6mm Length:3-6m Cu (Min):99.99% Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa):250 Elongation (≥ %):99.95 Wall Thickness: 0.41mm ~ 6mm […]