Copper strip degreasing methods include solvent degreasing, alkali degreasing, ultrasonic degreasing, high-pressure hot water degreasing, electrolytic degreasing, etc.

1. Solvent degreasing
The degreasing solvent is used to dissolve the oil on the strip surface and collect it into a container. The volatile solvent is volatilized, collected and reused, and the pollutants are separated from the circulation system. This method was used in the early stage, which has the problems of low cleaning efficiency, difficult maintenance, environmental pollution and so on. The lipophilic group helps to dissolve the oil into water and degrease.

2. Alkaline degreasing
In recent years, many kinds of surfactants have been developed. Whether it is finished product cleaning or intermediate cleaning, its basic requirements: the surface pollutants of the products must be removed thoroughly; Strip alkaline degreasing is a complex chemical physical process. In addition to saponification reaction, sometimes there are emulsification reaction and adsorption reaction. The typical saponification reaction formula is as follows [3] the body is not lost or the loss is very small, showing the luster of the metal itself; On the premise of quality assurance, the cleaning time shall be shortened as far as possible to improve production efficiency and reduce metal loss 1 Classification of surface contaminants: main contaminants on the surface of the copper strip: emulsion, rolling oil, filter aids, metal scraps, metal oxides, ash corrosions, and other impurities. Tables 1 and 2 are the appearance and appearance of various rolling oils and emulsions and their residual ash at different temperatures, [4]; See Table 3 for the types of surface pollutants. At present, industrial degreasing agents are compound reagents, and the solution temperature is 60 ~ 70 ℃.

3. Ultrasonic degreasing
Ultrasonic degreasing is degreasing by using ultrasonic to produce high-speed vibration on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip. It is mostly used for monomers and irregular components.

4. High pressure hot water degreasing
Without degreasing agent, deionized water is heated to 70 ~ 80 ℃ and sprayed directly onto the strip surface for cleaning under the pressure of about 40 bar. It is suitable for copper strip with thickness ≥ 0105 mm. The effect can reach the level of alkali degreasing 2 (5 mg / M), which is both economical and environmental friendly.

5. Electrolytic degreasing
Electrolytic degreasing, using copper strip as cathode to produce H2, which will scour the oil stain on the surface of the strip; The anode produces O2, part of which exists in atomic state.

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