Copper Fittings – Australian Standard AS 3688

WINDO has combined the experience and knowledge of over 30 years of China copper tube manufacturing with press-fit technology & engineering to produce the WINDO copper press-fit connection system. With a warranty of 25 years, and a design life of over 15 years, WINDO  offers you peace of mind and the simplicity that you want.

Copper Fittings – Australian Standard AS 3688

Copper Fittings

When you need the highest quality press-fit system, use WINDO copper tube, WINDO fittings and the WINDO tool. Our tools are of the highest quality, are the lightest on the market and have the longest service life. To make life easy for plumbers the WINDO® system is compatible with Type A & B copper tube complying with AS1432. All KemPress fittings are compatible with recognised press-fit tools such as Viega, Rothenberger, Novopress, Milwaukee & Ridgid with Australian sized compatible jaws, making it a truly universal system.

Designed and manufactured with risk minimisation and ease of use in mind, WINDO fittings utilises unique features and technologies as part of the WINDO package in managing and reducing installation risk and providing the highest quality press-fit connection system.

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