Choice Factor of Crystal Square Copper Tube Material

Since the inside of the copper tube is in contact with the high-temperature molten steel, the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the copper tube is large, the thermal stress is high, and the steel tube is highly susceptible to denaturation. The shape of the inner cavity of the copper tube is very important. To protect the shape of the inner cavity of the copper tube and the appearance of the crystal solidified shell, the air gap can be made small and uniform. Therefore, the copper tube material is required to have strong heat deformation resistance, that is, the requirement High recrystallization temperature, small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity and high thermal fatigue strength.

The choice of copper tube material is developed along the direction of copper→phosphorus deoxidation copper→silver copper→chromium zirconium copper. Since the recrystallizer temperature of chromium zirconium copper is the highest among the above materials, its thermal deformation resistance is the strongest. However, due to its high cost, there are problems such as large amount of copper tube rebound in the extrusion process. At present, there are not many domestic copper tube manufacturing.

Choice Factor of Crystal Square Copper Tube Material

Choice Factor of Crystal Square Copper Tube Material

Biological research shows that copper has an obvious antibacterial and bactericidal function for the reason that cupric ions of copper tube dissolved in water and more than 99% of the water bacteria in copper pipe will disappear after 5 hours.

Copper is the most representative metal with bactericidal effect, which our people have noticed and took advantage of it. It is well known that water impurity is an important reason of epidemic. Many bacteria like escherichia coli, pneumonia germs are very easy to breed in the water, and people who drink contaminated water will suffer from diseases. In ancient China, there is a saying that “water in the copper pot is not smelly”.

Besides brass, as one kind of copper, has the same bactericidal function. According to latest research, stainless steel door handles can harbor thousands of germs while brass door handles harbor much less germs. Repeated experiments showed that the bacteria on brass tube were wiped out in seven hours or less.

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