CHINA WINDO METAL Precision Brass Parts is one of the most reputed and established Precision Brass Turned Components Manufacturer and supplier, providing services to top renowned organizations in CHINA as well as abroad.

The years of experience and excellent Quality consciousness has made its own name in the file of Precision Brass Parts manufacturing and supply.

Our Main plant at NINGBO is having the state of art manufacturing facilities, with best machineries, in house manufacturing of Brass parts turned components and fully assured quality control measures.
This is being supported by a very well organized and experienced team of highly professional and totally committed brains for fulfilling customer’s implied and stated demands at a very short notice.
Total customer satisfaction both in quality and personalized attention, understanding and developing innovative cost effective techniques for customer benefits is the base of our foundation since years.

CHINA WINDO METAL Precision Brass Parts

Our total commitment to quality has seen Precision Brass Parts export to more than 34 countries around the globe. Our product range includes- Brass Electrical Accessories ,Brass Grounding Accessories, Earthing Equipments, Brass Pressed parts ,Brass Cable Glands, Brass CNC parts, Brass CNC components, Precision Brass Screw machine parts, Brass Hose fittings, Brass Fasteners, Stainless Steel parts , Brass Cable Glands, Copper Cable Lugs, Cable Gland Accessories, Earthing Clamps, Brass Screw Machine Parts , Brass Inserts, Brass Screws Brass Nuts, Brass PPR fittings, etc.

All our products conform to International Standards and are tested in approved laboratory in the U.K., for British Standard. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified which speaks volumes for our quality credentials. We supply to some of the high end engineering companies from USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan etc.

We have our own CAD designing capabilities which can help you design a new product in a very cost efficient way without any commitment of order or upfront charge. Our in-house tooling department ensures quick tooling up of new products and keeps the development cost to the minimum.

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