Brass Picture Wire 150m reels no 1, 2 and 3, Picture Hanging Copper Wire
Delivery to China via courier 1 – 2 days
Brass strands braided around a single rust resistant strand of steel for extra strength.
No1 = 6kg
No2 = 11 kg
No3 = 18kg

Brass Picture Wire 150m reels no 1, 2 and 3

Brass Picture Wire 150m reels no 1, 2 and 3

Ideal for Picture Hanging or Flower Arrangements.
Securely hang items on your walls
Easy to install
Enables you to hide mounting behind picture frame

Material COPPER Product Dimensions (mm)W:40 H:25 L:40
Package Dimensions (mm) W:55 H:28 L:110 Finish Acid pickling
Hook type WIRER ecommended UseIdeal for Picture Hanging, Flower Arrangements.

Repair Kit PSU (9D20- 280200 )
Brake Caliper Repair Kit
Boom lift cylinder seal kit
9F20- 281800 manual valve vodoothoda STR- 3533002
9D20-290100A Hand brake assembly
GB/T9877.1 seal ( seal the upper roll joint) V70h90h10 FL936F GB/T9877.1
GB/T9877.1 seal ( seal lower finger joint) V60h85h8 FL936F GB/T9877.1
860117376 seal ( bearing seal rotary cylinder ) B38h62h7 FL936F
53100005 seal final drive B140x170x15 FL936F 53,100,005
53100019 seal gear B60h80h8 FL936F 53,100,019 ( 801,100,113 )
75201289 Satellite
9D20- 590011 Coupling FL936F 9D20- 590011
860117336 Windscreen FL936F ( duplicate)
9D20- 450001 Windscreen FL936F 9D20- 450001
83666205 internal gear hub
9F850-66A020900A0 Hourmeter
Caliper FL936F
9D20- 281000 brake line FL936F 9D20- 281000 (9D650-37B020000A0)
9D20- 281400 brake line FL936F 9D20- 281400 (9D650-37A020000A0)
9F00- 280200 Brake Valve FL936F 9F00- 280200
9D20- 050300 Cable cutoff FL936F
9D20- 834000 Cable shifting FL936F
9D20- 590700 Cable management FL936F
9D650-12A020000A0 grease tube top roller FL936F
9D20- 838000 Link shift FL936F 9D20- 838000
9F850-66A020600A0 Index of air pressure in the brake system
9F850-66A020400A0 Index engine oil pressure
9F850-66A020500A0 Oil pressure in PPC
9F850-66A020300A0 oil temperature converter
9F850-66A020200A0 coolant temperature gauge
9F850-66A020700A0 fuel gauge
9F10- 750002 Seal finger bucket ( boot ) FL936F
9D20- 726000 Seal finger bucket FL936F
9D20- 728000 Seal front pin cylinder boom FL936F
9D20- 727000 Seal middle finger rocker FL936F
9F820- 6202000 Headlamp left assembly FL936F 9F820- 6202000
9F820- 6203000 Headlamp right assembly FL936F 9F820- 6203000
9F20- 664001 headlights against FL936F 9F20- 664001
9F850-45A031800A0/0900A0/1700A lock the door assembly FL936F 9F850-45A031800A0/0900A0/1700A0
13023177 Air filter K2139
9D650-58A030000A0 Hydraulic filter
9D20- 581000 Hydraulic filter valve FL936F
9F20- 585000 Filter filler cap with FL936F/FL956F/FL958G
9F20- 083 000 Fuel tank filter ( with a ring -type “O ») FL936F
9D510- 5805000 filter bags pumping
9D650-31A030200A0 Filter element PPC
9F820-6404000/5000 lantern assembly L / R FL936F 9F820-6404000/5000
83666203 Central gear final drive
9D620-72D5000 Checa rocker
75201604 Washer
75201604 75201604 Washer FL936F
52060005 Washer 75
GB/T93 washer 20 FL936F GB/T93
83240211 Washer axle final drive
75210605 Washer satellite
75201288 75201288 FL936F differential gear
860117357 Bus 17,5-25 PR16 TT E-3/L-3 ( set)
9D20- 261002 Wheel Stud M20h104 FL936F 9D20- 261002
9D20- 261002/1 stud wheel assembly with nut M20/22h128 5 FL936F 9D20- 261002/1
9D20- 261002/1 stud wheel assembly with nut M20h104 FL936F 9D20- 261002/1

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