Basic application scope of copper pipe

Underground water supply pipe – it is more convenient to use M-type hard straight joint and L-type soft coil.
Water distribution system – type M is used above and underground
Chilled water main pipe – use all sizes of type m; DMV type confirmed 11 / 4 inch and larger service sizes must be connected by pressure brazing.
Drainage and exhaust systems – DWV type shall be used for aboveground and underground garbage, fecal water and ventilation lines, roof and building sewers and sewers.
Heating – electric furnace radiant panel, water heating and snow melting system, installed on site with L-type soft coil, or M-type hard straight pipe prefabricated in the factory; For water heating and low pressure steam, all sizes of type m are used. For DMV type, copper pipe with size not less than 11 / 4 inch is allowed, and it is connected by soft soldering and pressure joint; For condensing circuit, L type is the best.

Solar heating – use K-type copper pipe
Fuel oil and natural gas system – use copper pipes according to local standards.
Nonflammable medical gas system – use K, L type medical gas copper pipe, suitable for oxygen facilities, through N0 published by NEPA (International Fire Protection Association) 99 health management equipment.
Air conditioning and refrigeration systems – copper tubes are the preferred material in many refrigeration systems, using L, ACR types or as directed.
Underground heating system – installed or prefabricated on site using L and ACR type coils or as directed.
Sprinkler system — use M-type hard pipe; When bending is required, K or type L copper pipe is recommended. K. Both L and M types shall be accepted by NFPA.

Oval Straight Copper Tube

Water Copper Pipes

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