Air Conditioning Copper Pipe Welding Experience: Silver welding is generally used for copper pipe – copper pipe welding, and the silver content of silver electrode is 25%, 15% or 5%. Copper phosphorus series electrodes can also be used. They all have good fluidity and do not need flux.
Copper pipe is an important raw material of refrigeration device, which is mainly used for making heat exchanger and connecting pipes and fittings. Most pipe fittings for refrigeration and air conditioning use copper (purple) pipes. The commonly used solder types include copper phosphorus solder, silver copper solder, copper zinc solder, etc. During welding, solder shall be selected correctly and operated skillfully according to the characteristics of pipeline materials, so as to ensure the quality of welding.
Phosphor copper solder or phosphor copper solder with low silver content can be selected, such as 2% or 5% silver based solder. This kind of solder is cheap and has good solution. It adopts caulking and wetting process and does not need flux.
For different materials and different pipe diameters, the size of welding gun and flame temperature are different. The size of flame during welding can be controlled and adjusted by two needle valves. The flame can be divided into carbonization flame, neutral flame and oxidation flame according to the volume ratio of oxygen and acetylene.

The welding shall be carried out in strict accordance with the steps, otherwise the welding quality will be affected.
1. During welding, the weldment must be preheated. Heat the copper pipe welding place with flame. When the copper pipe is heated to purplish red, remove the flame and lean the solder against the welding junction to melt the solder and flow into the welded copper parts. The temperature after heating can reflect the temperature through color. Dark red: about 600 ℃. Dark red: about 700 ℃. Orange: about 1000 ℃.
2. During welding, the gas welding flame shall not directly heat the welding rod.
3. Corresponding protective measures shall be taken for parts that are easy to deform and damage under high temperature conditions. For example, the angle valve, evaporator and condenser shall be welded after the interface is wrapped with wet gauze. For solenoid valve, expansion valve, liquid mirror and four-way valve, those that can be disassembled must be disassembled and welded. The above measures shall be taken for those that cannot be disassembled.
4. During welding, when the copper pipe is annealed after welding, the annealing temperature shall not be lower than 300 ℃.
5. After welding, cool and clean the oxide and welding slag in the pipe with dry nitrogen.

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